Textpad – Best Text Editor For Regex Operations.


TextPad is a powerful, general purpose editor for plain text files. Easy to use, with all the features a power user requires.

SQL Syntax File
Based on the requests from users, I have uploaded ERwinSQL.syn customized with oracle sql, plsql syntax. You can either Download ERwinSQL.syn or Download Textpad Oracle9i syn.zip and move this to “C:\Program Files\TextPad 4\Samples” directory. You may need to create a SQL class and link this to sql class in textpad. If you need step by step instruction, feel free to comment at the end. I will help you fix it

I like textpad for basic text changes from everything PHP, to HTML, to writing notes. It’s great to have multiple documents, line numbers, quick global / file / local search and replaces etc. I use this when I’m working with source files, XML definition files, CSS files, to CFM or other formats.

Advanced search/replace, Spellcheck, Syntax-Highlighting, Line Numbering, Multiple Document Handling, Macros, minimize to tray, windows shell integration. You can also setup line highlighting for emphasizing what line of a computer program you are on.

It can open big text files for editing or mass editing. It has the best regular expression capabilities that is very useful for mass editing. It has full-featured trial versions for evaluation purpose.

Case Study:Recently, we had a situation to correct 2 million records in a production system data file. The file had an wrong format data at about fifty columns. Hence, we need to replace fifty chars string with different locations. Wherever the search matches, the data must be replaced. However, it should not replace any match in the other areas. For example, Single row has 400 bytes length and the City information is stored between 180 to 200 char position. Wherever “San Jose” comes between 180-200 position must be replaced with “San Jose,TX” for the 2 Millions records. It should not change any “San Jose” in other columns i.e., from 1 to 180 and 201 to 400 chars. Yes, this is successfully modified, within 5 minutes, using Textpad.

Question: Can TextPad replace null?

[code lang="bash"]
Answer: I do not see any workaround using textpad. Use unix tr utility to remove.

Cat filename ' tr '\0' 'Y' changes the null into 'Y' char.


Can TextPad replace null? (Answer & Credit to Rich Edwards)

[code lang="bash"]
Yes it can. With “Regular expression” ticked, the find expression “[[:cntrl:]]” will match Null characters (and other control characters).


Can I replace carriage return using Textpad?

[code lang="bash"]

Yes, use regular expression with "\n" for carriage return, "\t" for Tab.


Can I remove carriage return using Textpad?

[code lang="bash"]

Yes, Goto search -> replace or press F8. use regular expression with "\n" for carriage return in find, and blank in replace will remove Carriage return.
I would prefer to provide one space in replace which will provide a gap in words.
If you give blank words are place together. For example you have "google" one line "search" next line.
Blank replace will give "googlesearch" while single space will give you "google search"


How do I delete blank lines in Textpad?

[code lang="bash"]

All you need to do is find Regex string "^$" without double quotes, and Mark all. This will put all blank lines bookmarked.
Next goto edit -> delete -> Bookmarked lines. You are done!


Summary of regular expressions:
. . Any single character. Example: h.t matches hat, hit, hot and hut.
[ ] [ ] Any one of the characters in the brackets, or any of a range of characters separated by a hyphen (-), or a character class operator (see below). Examples: h[aeiou][a-z] matches hat, hip, hit, hop, and hut; [A-Za-z] matches any single letter; x[0-9] matches x0, x1, …, x9.
[^] [^] Any characters except for those after the caret “^”. Example: h[^u]t matches hat, hit, and hot, but not hut.
^ ^ The start of a line (column 1).
$ $ The end of a line (not the line break characters). Use this for restricting matches to characters at the end of a line. Example: end$ only matches “end” when it’s the last word on a line, and ^end only matches “end” when it’s the first word on a line.
\< \< The start of a word.
\> \> The end of a word.
\t \t The tab character.
\f \f The page break (form feed) character.
\n \n A new line character, for matching expressions that span line boundaries. This cannot be followed by operators ‘*’, ‘+’ or {}. Do not use this for constraining matches to the end of a line. It’s much more efficient to use “$”.
\xdd \xdd “dd” is the two-digit hexadecimal code for any character.
\( \) ( ) Groups a tagged expression to use in replacement expressions. An RE can have up to 9 tagged expressions, numbered according to their order in the RE. The corresponding replacement expression is \x, for x in the range 1-9. Example: If \([a-z]+\) \([a-z]+\) matches “way wrong”, \2 \1 would replace it with “wrong way”.
* * Matches zero or more of the preceding characters or expressions. Example: ho*p matches hp, hop and hoop.
? ? Matches zero or one of the preceding characters or expressions. Example: ho?p matches hp, and hop, but not hoop.
+ + Matches one or more of the preceding characters or expressions. Example: ho+p matches hop, and hoop, but not hp.
\{count\} {count} Matches the specified number of the preceding characters or expressions. Example: ho\{2\}p matches hoop, but not hop.
\{min,\} {min,} Matches at least the specified number of the preceding characters or expressions. Example: ho\{1,\}p matches hop and hoop, but not hp.
\{min,max\} {min,max} Matches between min and max of the preceding characters or expressions. Example: ho\{1,2\}p matches hop and hoop, but not hp or hooop.
\’ Matches either the expression to its left or its right. Example: hop\’hoop matches hop, or hoop.
\ \ “Escapes” the special meaning of the above expressions, so that they can be matched as literal characters. Hence, to match a literal “\”, you must use “\\”. Example: \< matches the start of a word, but \\< matches "\<".


Single user license costs $30. It’s completely free upgrades, so you won’t buy over and over again, and there are free AddOns and Syntax Definitions you can download from their website. For programmers and companies this is very useful for data conversion. It has online forum support, and customizable color coding plugins.

TextPad is a great program, and I recommend you buy it!

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