Difference between intel centrino core 2 duo and pentium dual- core

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Intel manufactures dual core processors under a number of different architectures.

From the most to least expensive/powerful:

  • Core 2 Duo
  • Core Duo
  • Pentium Dual Core
  • Celeron Dual Core
  • Centrino (Core 2) duo
  • Centrino vPro
  • Centrino 2 duo

The Celeron Dual Core is limited to 512KB of L2 Cache and has lower Front Side Bus (FSB) and clock speeds than chips higher up on the list. However, it is a very low priced CPU and apparently a good overclocker. The only Celeron Dual Core currently available is the E1200 (January 2008). It has 512 KB of L2 Cache, a clock speed of 1.60 GHz and an 800 MHz FSB.

The Pentium Dual Core is the next step up. With 1 MB of L2 Cache, these chips are still targeted at the cost-conscious. Slightly more expensive and slightly better performing than the Celeron Dual Core. The Pentium Dual Core models are: E2200, E21xx, T23xx, and T20xx. All have 1 MB of L2 Cache, either a 533 MHz or 800 MHz FSB and clock speeds ranging from 1.46 GHz to 2.20 GHz.

The Core Duo chips are dual core cpu’s that have 2 MB of L2 Cache. This is also a 32-bit architecture (Celeron and most Pentium Dual Cores are 64-bit). The Core Duo processors: T2700, T2600, T2500, T24xx, T23xx, T22xx, T2050, L2500, L2400, L2300 (L=Low voltage), U2500, U2400 (U=Ultra low voltage). All have 2 MB of L2 Cache. FSB is either 533 MHz or 667 MHz and clock speeds range from 1.06 GHz(for the U2400) to 2.33 GHz.

Core 2 Duo cpu’s are aimed at both desktop and mobile computers in the mid-range of the processor market. This line of cpu’s have L2 caches ranging from 2MB to 6MB and clock speeds from 1.06 GHz (again, for the Ultra low voltage U7500) to 3.16 GHz. The extra cache and higher clock and bus speeds make these generally more expensive and faster than the Core Duo’s. Intel claims a 25% performance increase between two similarly clocked Core Duo and Core 2 Duo cpu’s (but real world benchmarks pegs 5%-15% as a more reasonable claim).

Centrino is just mobile technology, that allows you to roam wirelessly (wifi) tech.

Core duo is the latest chip technology, Pentiums newest fastest chips

Core Duo technology enables your laptop to multi-task much better and improves response times eg. when
you’re listening to music, running a virus scan, and surfing the internet at the same time.

The Centrino (who’s dual-core variant is known as the Centrino Duo) is an Intel platform, consisting of an Intel Core Duo processor, an Intel Chipset, and Intel Integrated Wireless 802.11b/g.

The Core Duo is a mobile processor that improves on the Pentium M. The Core 2 Duo is Intel’s first chip based on the Core Microarchitecture. It boasts the highest x86 performance seen to date, with impeccable performance-per-watt metrics — perfect for mobile platforms.

Centrino is just mobile technology, that allows you to roam wirelessly (wifi) tech.

Core due is the latest chip technology, Pentiums newest fastest chips

Centrino is the technology which intel uses for thier line of laptops which include the pentium m processor, integrated graphics, and the wireless internet. the new centrino core duo includes the pentium m processor but with the dual core. that is the main difference between the two processors.

Intel® Centrino® with vPro™ Technology and the new 45nm Intel® Core™2 Duo processor delivers greater than 2x the performance over older generation Intel® Centrino® components when your system is multitasking.

Centrino 2 & Centrino 2 duo processor technology is better for mobile performance, enabled longer battery life, the future of wireless now with 802.11n standard.

Intel also manufactures the even more expensive and capable Xeon and Itanium dual and quad-core processors for the high-end workstation and server market.


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