Hello world!

Hello and welcome to our new tech portal NotesBit! This is a place for all geeks to enjoy reading of their favorite computing topics about latest software and hardware news.
We are team of two dedicated computer addictive guys who enjoy trying something new and being creative in our lives. That’s why we created this place.

We want to share our knowledge and skills about PCs with other ones who share interests in what we do. It’s our goal to help everyone to learn different things when it comes to programming, tweaking, optimizing PC parts, gaming or any other computer wizard activities.

Our site will be separated into two sections: Forums and Blog section. At forums there will be all topic separated into threads where people will share discussion about different sections in computing. Apart to that it will be fun section to to talk about everyday stuff like hobbies, pets etc.

Blog section will be contained of posts where our team will share various tutorials to help our visitors to learn everything about programs, mobile apps, games and computer parts. Programming in different languages will not be excluded as well.

Please stay tuned until our site is ready to serve you!

Best regards,
NotesBit team